Aqua Blu Club Reopens

Aqua Blu Club Reopens

Westlands has always been Nairobi's cradle of Nightlife activities. From the up market and classy crowd to the easy going and random guys who just want to have quick drink; Westlands has got something to suit everyone's taste. It is no wonder that many party goers prefer the area where they are spoiled for choice.

But this doesn't necessarily mean good news for the bar owners. They need to constantly up their game to attract huge crowds. At the end of the day, you are as good as your last crowd. But no one is complaining, competition makes the game even more interesting.

And speaking of games, one bar decided it's time to give the rest a run for their money. Aqua Blu Club and Lounge had closed down for nearly a month, in a bid to give their establishment a much needed face-lift.

They are now back and ready to do business and recently reopened the club in a glamorous way- with Hennessy in the house! StarBoy entertainment's L.A.X, better known for his hit performances 'Ginger' and 'Caro' was in Aqua Blu's official opening night. Of course he attracted a fair amount of Naija Brodas (sorry Skylux) but the night also included a great Nairobi crowd. Capital FM's foxy host Amina was on site to hype up the crowd as DJ.Hassan threw it down on the decks. Recipe for a night full of success. By midnight, we had a full bar!

What's new at Aqua Blu? Well for one, expect to see their signature 'aquatic' themed entrance to be lined with some swanky waterfalls, the outside area has been expanded to accommodate more peeps so this means there's always a seat for you. And of course the outside area can also host intimate performances by guest stars. The drinks are chilled and the cocktail bar is ready for your order!

Check out what went down at Aqua Blu and see you there for a party night like no other!