For Your Next Party: Watermelon Tequila Shots

For Your Next Party: Watermelon Tequila Shots

Beyond shots, slammers and hangovers, Tequila is a remarkable drink which can express the nuances of its raw material arguably better than any other spirit on the planet. The key to its unique flavor is the spikily distinctive blue agave plant, which gives Tequila its trademark flavor combination of fruit, pepper and spice.

Try out this funky Watermelon recipe- with Tequila infusion of course- and let us know what you think!


1 large seedless watermelon
One 750-milliliter bottle tequila
6 to 7 limes, cut into wedges
Kosher salt


Cut a hole in the watermelon large enough for the tequila bottle's neck. Insert the tequila bottle upside down. Refrigerate and let the liquor soak into the watermelon's flesh overnight.
Cube the melon, and skewer each cube with a wedge of lime sprinkled with salt.