4 tips to Creating the Perfect Mint Julep

4 tips to Creating the Perfect Mint Julep

Anyone who is into horse racing will be familiar with this one, as it is the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby during which some 80,000 juleps are served.

Traditionally, Mint Juleps are served in silver or pewter cups and held by the handle or rim in order for the cup to maintain optimum frost, but they work just as well in any tall glass.

Beyond the bourbon, sugar, and mint, the only other requirement for this drink is crushed ice. Any other form of ice will not create the same effect, so take the time to create a nice mound of crushed ice before mixing this cocktail.

Here are some life-saving tips that any person creating a Mint Julep needs to Know

Gently muddle your mint - You want to open up the veins of the mint leaves to release the essential oils, not tear the leaves to bits that get stuck in your teeth.

Crushed ice is key - Making crushed ice (without a machine) is another use for your muddler: place ice cubes in a Lewis bag or wrapped in a towel and whack the heck out of it until your cubes become fine, crushed ice. (This is a wonderful and safe stress reliever).

Stir well - Once you have the drink built, take the time to stir it gently until the glass gets frosty.


Go with your favorite bourbon - If you have a favorite brand of bourbon, use it or something similar. We do suggest choosing one of the higher end brands for the simple fact that bourbon is the only liquid in the julep.