Bonhomie Bar at Concord is more than just a Hotel Bar

Bonhomie Bar at Concord is more than just a Hotel Bar

There’s much to explore in Nairobi’s newest 5 star hotel- ‘The Concord’, located in upmarket Parklands area, just a few meters from the bustling Diamond Plaza. This city hotel boasts of offering its guests the finest blend of comfort, convenience and exemplary service. I had the opportunity of sampling their Indian restaurant –Curry Flavors- and was not disappointed. In fact, it was more than my taste buds could ask for when it came to authentic Indian cuisine and its traditional favorites- simply delicious!

But I am here to talk about Bonhomie restaurant, one of their other 2 dining outlets. Derived from the French, Bonhomie simply means cheerful, friendliness or geniality. The warm staff and great ambiance truly qualify the restaurant’s name. The restaurant serves up a tantalizing array of contemporary Continental gourmet dishes paired with an impressive range of fine wines and beverages in a vibrant, light and airy terrace atmosphere.

From the menu, we sampled what any hungry customer would want to taste- a selection of their wood oven pizza, a juicy sandwich burger and a carefully prepared chicken dish for my gluten intolerant companion. Of course the menu offered much more-like a steak and seafood special selection, but we opted for lighter meals so as to save some space for their signature cocktails.

Wycliffe and Erastus, our mixologists for the day, wowed us with their delectable creations behind the bar. We enjoyed the aqua martini- a best seller with the ladies and a funny number called the ‘attitude adjuster’ that doesn’t need any introduction. The Jameson night cocktail, with a cranberry base, lime juice, mint leaves and Jameson whisky was my favorite, simply because it tasted divine.

You will spend around Kshs 600-650 at the bar depending on the cocktail- a fair price for any quality drink.