A Chat with Antony Owich- Jameson Brand Ambassador Kenya

A Chat with Antony Owich- Jameson Brand Ambassador Kenya

Antony Owich is the recently appointed Jameson Brand Ambassador for Jameson Kenya. It's people like these we hate- well, dislike- because of the kind of cool stuff they get to do for ''work''.

But when it's all said and done, it is a pretty important job to ensure that Jameson remains the top brand on the shelves of most Kenyan bars.

With a background in Finance and Economics from the University of Nairobi, Antony has a passion for entrepreneurship and marketing. He also attended a rigorous training in Dublin, Ireland on Jameson Irish Whiskey and what sets it apart. This coupled with his sociable nature give him an edge as he is constantly engaging with the different demographics. His fresh outlook will bring on board a new perspective to the role and a great addition to Pernod Ricard Kenya.

Let's chat with Antony!

How did you get to this role?

I simply applied and got it. That simple.

****side eye**

What does it take to be a brand Ambassador in Kenya?

Living embodiment of the product, intellectual, confident, business minded and great communication skills. You should always put your brand at the edge of every social gathering, understand the market and continuously gather market intelligence on different brands

How long have you been a brand ambassador?

For almost a year and a half

What is your key focus right now as a brand ambassador?

Kenyans appreciate the social and nightlife merriment with a whiskey in hand.I just want to empower people with knowledge on Jameson portfolio of Irish whiskey. Its not just assuming that people know the products, and if indeed they know, I consider it a refresher course. I also find that Kenyans really admire the western world brands and as a result we want our marketing activities to be brought closer to our consumers through experience. We want to continue with our series of bartender classes, focus groups in bars and the ongoing bar tenders karaoke edition. We want Kenyans to understand what triple distilled and twice as smooth really means.

Would you say you drink too much seeing that your job involves a lot of booze?

Not really, this is a job that requires alot of self discipline. Its work and one needs to know their limits. Trade visits to different bars are your job, bread and butter so you gotta learn how to balance it out. You need to know when its safer to just have a few shots and when you are easy to enjoy the pleasures of downing an entire bottle of whiskey. Most of the time when in a bar its work so one must also be gathering enough intelligence and not caught off guard when called upon to share about your brand.

What do you do about negative publicity in social settings?

Invite those who doubt your brand through product tastings and share with them facts about the products. Have them compare with their favorite and take note of their comments. This is one of the reasons for constant innovation with the entire team. Feedback is very important.

Do you have any questions for Antony? Catch him on his official account on Facebook Jameson Brand Ambassador Kenya