Cocktail Club at Budhaa Bar

Cocktail Club at Budhaa Bar

When i see people drinking bad cocktails- especially overpriced ones i feel bad. Nairobi bar life has evolved at such a fast rate that having low quality drink in this city is simply not an option.

That's why at BarsKenya, we are committed to bringing you only the best- and cutting edge establishments raising the bar in cocktail culture. One such like place is Budhaa Bar Nairobi- located in the bustling Westlands area.

Gitesh, the bar manager and head mixologist was happy to invite us to sample the Budhaa Bar Cocktail Club menu which happens every Saturday from 4pm to 11pm.

We were elated to find out that the delicious and unique cocktail offerings were only priced at a bare minimum price of 350kshs. From our bar escapades, most quality cocktails are priced from Kshs 650- 1200Kshs (depending on the alcohol base) and well, on a busy night they are quite below standard.

At Budhaa Bar, you will experience the opposite. The menu is inspired by some of Gitesh creations as well as favorites. Every cocktail tells a story- a delicious story. And did we mention there's a Hennessy cocktail in there too? Where in this town can you get such a premium alcohol priced at such a pocket friendly rate?

We wouldn't like to bore you with the intricate details- ours is just to urge you to try this Cocktail Club menu as soon as you can. In fact make a plan on one of these fine Saturday afternoons to visit Budhaa Bar Lounge. The place is chill, quiet and perfect for having conversations.

Here are some images of the decadent cocktails we sampled! Thank you Gitesh for the opportunity!

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