Cocktail Heaven at Tapas Bar

In the mood for good music, well-crafted cocktails and a chic atmosphere? Head over to the Tapas Ceviche Bar! Located at the ground floor of Westgate Mall, you're just a short walk from Westland's nightlife district.

Tapas is actually one of Nairobi's best kept 'secret' and a popular haunt in this side of town- and we'll tell you why!

Their cocktail list is chock-full of tempting options, making it hard to choose. It's great after work or later in the evening for drinks and a bite to eat.

Depending on the night, things can get pretty lively here, and Bars Kenya opted to review the 'Tapas Bar Culture Night' which happens every Wednesday from 7pm till late.

What is special about this particular night? Apart from the urban vibes, a dimly-lit atmosphere great for having conversations, you'll get to enjoy a selection of craft cocktails from some of their award-winning mixologists- and cocktail masters.

Interestingly, all of their cocktail concoctions are made using a lot of their own house-made tinctures so your taste-buds are in for something different.
Craft cocktails are made with passion, skill and love greater than the sum of all its parts. More often than not, craft cocktails utilize the best ingredients available. Fresh juices, homemade syrups, and small batch craft spirits result in delectable libations.

The focus is to make drinks in efficient ways without decreasing the quality of them. And that’s exactly what co-owner Yaniv together with his winning team of mixologists have done with the Tapas Bar Culture Cocktail menu.

Tapas is offering their drinks at ridiculously affordable prices (900-950kshs) that it would be shame not to head out try them out for yourself.

Take a look at what we sampled below.:

Meloncholic cocktail: (Fernet Branca melon liquor & orange): Presentation is key - a beautiful garnish or piece of unique glassware heightens the senses and creates anticipation.

Next Up: Fat Like Buddha- Rum, Cinzano & Creme de cassis. The artfulness of a beautifully executed cocktail excites us before we even wet our palates. We drink with our eyes, first.

Craft cocktails often include multiple ingredients from various spirit categories, creating interesting compositions. Herbs also play a major role. Yaniv was kind enough to show me his prized possession- a specially infused Campari, created with a selection of his finest herbs.

And lest i forget this beautifully created Mojito (for just 950kshs) served inside a hand scooped pineapple shell. The carefully selected pineapple juice extracts are then infused into the drink to make a delightful concoction. It is also served with an extra shot of liquor just in case you run out of supply sooner than you expected.

Making a drink,similar to cooking, requires love and attention to detail. Taking the time to experiment with interesting ingredients and proportions is a labor of love. This is why Tapas Ceviche Bar is a must try for any self proclaimed cocktail lover!