Whisky Lunch With Glenmorangie's Hamish Torrie

Whisky Lunch With Glenmorangie's Hamish Torrie

The Glenmorangie lunch had many firsts for me. So yes I have tasted many whiskies but never the distinctly different Glenmorangie, and I have also never eaten at Kempinski’s Lucca.

Having been a minute since I paired food with whisky he fancy Le Sapeurs themed lunch hosted by global brand ambassador Hamish Torrie was timely and special. And as if some whisky gods were especially pleased with us (possibly because we have brought you many whisky related news lately) we sat on the same table with Hamish.

A little knowledge about Glenmorangie as dropped by Mr. Torrie. “We use spring water combined with beautiful Scottish barley and yeast, which are then distilled in the tallest copper stills. This process called reflux ensures that only light delicate alcohol is produced. The other unique element is the barrels that are sourced from all over the world. If you forget everything else, remember the wood makes the whisky”


The Original

10-year-old, matured in American oak, bourbon barrels that gives it a creamy vanilla and fruity smell and taste. We paired “The Original” with the starters and Hamish explained that its lightness makes it a perfect aperitif whisky.

Major tip on tasting whisky before we proceed:

Taste a small amount, a sip to be precise, NEAT! And then if you wish with a drop of water. Ice is not recommended by the single malt experts.

The chef chose Caprese con Mozzarella with fresh tomato and a pesto dressing, and a Mediterranean sea food bisque

La Santa

La Santa means warmth and passion which this whisky imbues. It is matured in sherry casks from Spain which gives it a dark rich mollasy, nutty, chocolate-y taste.

La Santa is completely different from The Original. It was paired with the main courses; a beef tenderloin in green peppercorn and marsala wine cream sauce, sea food risotto and tomato concasse or spicy tomato and garlic sauce pennette pasta (Peneette all Arrabita)

Quinta Ruban

Finally dessert was a traditional Italian Tiramisu and this was paired with the Quinta Ruban. This variety has spent 10 years maturing in American white oak casks as has “The Original”, before being transferred into specially selected ruby port pipes from the Quintas or wine estates of Portugal.

It is velvety, rich and more chocolatey that La Santa and also less over powering. It is easy to understand why it is paired with the dessert.

Are you convinced to try pair your next elaborate dinner with some whisky? Hamish says that whisky pairings are now becoming increasingly popular and darker richer whiskies pair well with richer food. If the tasting was anything to go by, this is subjective. At the end of the lunch, we took a poll and there was no clear winner of all the pairings. So go on and try (if you haven’t already) to see how you like it!

The lunch tantalized my senses reminding my palate just how well this dark and seductive spirit goes with selected dishes. Being an occasional whisky drinker it has a special place in my heart.

At the” bloggers” lunch BarsKenya’s Jeannete and I are lucky enough to be sat at the same table with Hamish Torrie;