How Cool Kenyans Party (And Where): Celebrity Stylist Wendy Wangui

How Cool Kenyans Party (And Where): Celebrity Stylist Wendy Wangui

Celebrity stylist Wendy Wangui shares with us how she parties...

How Cool Kenyans Party (And Where) will feature creative, prominent and fun personalities as they let us in on how best they enjoy what Nairobi night life has to offer. From their favourite spots, drinks; to how much they spend on a night out, what they wear, who they go out with and much more.

When choosing where to hang out, Wendy looks out for ambiance cause #doitforthegram, pricing, convenience and the general vibe. Her go to to drink is a mojito. “I judge a good bar by their mojito. I know it’s a basic cocktail but that is the reason you should get it right.”

Going out means being seen and Wendy always makes sure she looks her best. “I always believe in dressing up they say it’s a form of good manners.”

We asked Wendy about her latest fave spot MILAN KENYA which opened in December and this is what she had to say: “My first impressions of Milan Kenya were wowww! I would describe it as chic and fancy.

I loved the great balance of light. They have gorgeous photographs of Nairobi on the wall as you walk into the establishment. Oh almost forgot Victoria’s secret splash and lotion in the bathrooms. Does your favourite spot even?! They also have a unique menu that offers variety of food.”

“I would like to make as many Milan memories with as many people as I can in future. I recommend it for business lunches- it’s great in the afternoons- making plans over some good food and probably a glass of wine to sweeten the deal. Dates probably after 5 for cocktails and chill tunes sitting close to the back window, I wouldn’t want to miss the sunset. I’d like to hang out with friends probably in the night time because the place really comes alive.”

Here’s how she rates Milan’s menu, service, décor and music…

Menu: All day breakfast was really a big plus for me, I don’t believe in dictating what time of day I can have a good egg, sausage and bacon. Also steak and eggs has been added to my list of dynamic food combos thanks to Milan. For a place this Grand, their prices are unmatched.

Did you eat here? Of course I had to have something to eat because #alwayshungry, "the threesome" has to be one of Nairobi’s best kept secrets. A plate of choma sausage, lamb skewers and chicken wings for three times the satisfaction. Would totally recommend the fish fingers if you are looking for a light bite.

How were their mojitos? The mojito is up to standard, great balance of ingredients. They also have a wide variety of cocktails.

The Service? I am already on a first name basis with some of them. They are well staffed but I would say there is room for improvement.

Music: I enjoy different genres of music and they did have a little something for everyone, but it really hit me differently when they played 18plus by AFRO BROS X FINEST SNO a song I never thought would be played anywhere other than during my solo drives and bedroom jam sessions (which are lit btw). They chose to have a rising talent like Dj Yung K as a resident Dj which is pretty cool #THEFUTUREISFEMALE #WOMANEMPOWERMENT She definitely knows how to rock a good party.

Décor: Loved the classic take on the grey couches, gold on the pillows, all round dark tones and gold railings really ties the whole place together. There is a section of the club with antique looking chandeliers it looks somewhat medieval which if you ask me is a timeless piece.

AOB:The place is well ventilated, large windows all around and there is actually a whole section that is somehow open. The bathrooms were clean … the mirrors were good enough for you to take an OOTD or OOTN and we Thank God! Even the acoustics are well thought of. It’s influenced by musical legends, people who have been in the game for a long time and they would never compromise on their delivery.

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