Hennessy's Never Stop Never Settle Campaign is Back

Hennessy's Never Stop Never Settle Campaign is Back

The first quarter of the year wrapped up quietly without much happening in the booze scene. The launch of Hennessy’s Never Stop, Never Settle (NSNS) Campaign was one of the most noteworthy events we attended.

The cognac brand held a panel discussion at the Aspire Centre, attended by a number of Kenyan creatives. In the audience we spotted some well known actors, photographers, designers, bloggers, stylists, artists among other young self employed Kenyans in the creative space.

The session dubbed “ALL I NEED” was moderated by Amina Abdi and it focussed on what each creative uniquely requires to do what they do. The panellists included Joy Mboya who is the executive director of The GoDown Arts Centre, photographer and interior designer Mutua Matheka who is the face of the NSNS campaign, Sammy Lusiola of Reelforge Systems which is a media monitoring company, music producer Tim Rimbui, Diana Opoti and Alexander Helaine; the market manager Eastern Africa Moet-Hennessy.

"The new Hennessy Very Special campaign will highlight eight creative entrepreneurs from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ivory Coast, delving deep into each of their unique stories to discover how inner drive, confidence, passion, and talent can create chain reactions, and unite millions. From digital music start-ups, photography, choreography and film production, these individuals exemplify a generation of innovation and leadership, who break through convention to create a different kind of world."

A lot of gems were shared during the sit down-some touching on topics such as technology, digital vs traditional media and intellectual property.

It was great to be part of such a discussion steering “creatives and future generations to follow their passions and pursue their dreams defining success in their own terms.