Signature CÎROC Life Party Cocktails Paired with the Milan Brunch (Review)

Signature CÎROC Life Party Cocktails Paired with the Milan Brunch (Review)

CÎROC Vodka's third 'CîrocLife' Party was the talk of the town all weekend. The Vodka brand teamed up with Milan Bar for a series of parties that started on Wednesday and ended yesterday with brunch.

A pretty simple but versatile menu with four cocktails was on offer on all the four days and after sampling some earlier in the week we couldn't wait to try the rest. Brunch was the perfect setting to do this over music, conversation and FOOOD!

After analyzing the menu, the first drink we tried was this refreshing Go Coco.

Ingredients: Cîroc Coconut, lemon, Sugar syrup and mint.

The Go Coco did not disappoint as it was well made and hit all the right spots.

Next up we tried the City Girl Martini.

Ingredients: Cîroc Blue, Vanilla syrup, passion fruit juice and prosecco.

One word: YUM! After hearing mixed reviews about this cocktail, it turned out to be a favourite for us especially if it was slightly more chilled.

The Ciroc Hot Mama above had to be the most aesthetically pleasing cocktail.

Ingredients: Cîroc Coconut, Watermelon juice, Fresh Lime, Simple syrup, Chilli. The best thing about this drink was the chilli flavour.

For the brave; the fourth cocktail option was the Roc Yo Body that had Cîroc Blu, Ron Zacapa, Tanqueray No Ten, Don Julio, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Sugar syrup and some coke.

Cocktail prices ranges from 750-1200 Kshs.

We noticed some inconsistencies in our orders but the Milan staff were friendly enough and adjusted the drinks when requested to.

The Milan Brunch Menu

Although this cocktail menu was only available for the few days we enjoyed the drinks and we now have more ways to enjoy Cîroc.