Jack Daniel’s Champions Kenyan Bartenders With Virtual Tennessee Campus

Jack Daniel’s Champions Kenyan Bartenders With Virtual Tennessee Campus

Jack Daniel’s has successfully launched and executed its inaugural, virtually driven Bartender’s Mentorship Program designed to provide Kenyan bartenders the opportunity to master their craft through a 360° educative and entrepreneurship initiative. Covering all aspects of the bartending profession, the program is known as Tennessee Campus and included 60 bartenders.

Launched for the first time on the African continent, Tennessee Campus speakers included: Nidal Ramini - Jack Daniel’s Head of Advocacy (based in the UK), David Mwangi Mutunga - Jack Daniel’s Brand Ambassador, Brian Owango – Managing Director Aqueous and Paul Gachohi, Director Nairobi Bar School. Through the duration of Tennessee Campus, bartenders were mentored on topics delving into: The Art of Entrepreneurialism, The Art of Creativity and Delivering Quality and Consistency.

The program which was originally set to have kicked off in March 2020 in person, pivoted to an online training format. Participation in Tennessee Campus is free and by invitation. In recognition of challenging times, all participants were given a starter-pack that included data allowance, shopping voucher and other essentials to enable them to partake without added burden.

Conducted via the digital space over three weeks, Tennessee Campus comes at a time when the hospitality industry has been one of the most highly impacted industries globally due to COVID-19. The skills and insights shared will not only serve as a useful tool for local bartenders but will also provide a source of inspiration and motivation as they navigate these new challenges.

At Jack Daniel’s we believe firmly in the spirit of entrepreneurship and career development. In these challenging times we felt strongly that this was our moment to help our industry. Not only are we able to give passionate Kenyan bartenders skills to master their craft but also a medium to showcase their talents. David Mwangi Mutunga, Jack Daniel’s East Africa Brand Ambassador notes.

For many of the participants this was an opportune platform to connect with many of their peers and industry insiders since the outbreak restrictions began. It offered an excellent opportunity to share experiences, learnings and ask questions not just relating to the brand but to career progression and where to seek inspiration in challenging times.

As part of the next phase, Mutunga further adds “each bartender will be encouraged to put their skills to the test on the digital platform. For this, we’ll be rewarding them with monetary compensation as a means to help them generate much needed income.”

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