EABL Reignites Smirnoff Vodka with The Infamous Mic Campaign Launch

EABL Reignites Smirnoff Vodka with The Infamous Mic Campaign Launch

Smirnoff No. 21, the world’s number one vodka, has launched a bold, fresh campaign dubbed Infamous Mic in Kenya, in line with the new global positioning campaign.

The rollout of a 7-episode, web-based series, dubbed The Infamous Mic and will feature various popular personalities across the respective entertainment fields take on the mic. The personalities will be subjected to a series of witty, never-been-answered-before questions designed to bring out and celebrate their witty yet unique character.

The boldly refreshing experience took attendees, who included media, influencers and brand partners, on a journey into infamy in line with the Smirnoff brand story. Together with artist performances by Nadia Mukami, Nviiri the Storyteller & DJ ColeJax – the launch campaign held at the Tamarind Tree Hotel was the highlight of the day and week.

This campaign embodies the Smirnoff brand purpose of subverting the ordinary. It gives us a chance to pull back the veil from some of these personalities who we think we know and get to know them on a different level. By peeling back, the layers, we will showcase the infamous side of some of the country’s co-conspirators, said Flavia Othim, KBL Head of Spirits.

The Infamous Mic campaign connects back to the new brand world that celebrates Smirnoff’s infamy since 1864 and is aimed at placing Smirnoff vodka at the center of urban culture in Kenya by partnering with many renowned personalities, influencers and content creators across different fields.

Undoubtedly, youth culture today is vastly different from that in the 80s and 90s. However, some similarities have remained constant despite the different eras and we see the youth as movers and shakers in Kenya. Think music, think fashion, think the arts, think disruption. Even the language we speak – all of it is inspired and made bright by the youthful consumer. It is there that we want to place Smirnoff No. 21, at the fountain of that youthful, infamously creative energy. said Christine Kariuki, KBL’s Smirnoff Brand Manager.