A Taste of Italy in Kenya

I always say the amount of restaurants opening up in Nairobi is too damn high- in fact i thought i was the guru when it came to the down low on new outlets, but turns out i have failed myself..quite...miserably. But who's complaining?

Anyway redemption is on the horizon! I got to try out the new Colosseum restaurant at Two Rivers Mall. After the much hyped launch of the rather expansive mall, the anticipation of seeing what all the chatter was all about was killing me.

Firstly, if you're coming from an area outside Gigiri- Google Maps is your friend dear driver. The location can be quite daunting for a first timer- i learnt the hard way. You can also just 'Taxi' your way with a knowledgeable driver and you'll be fine.

Once inside, be aware that the food court area is quite a distance (depending on the entrance you use) so if you're not sure ask the friendly guards for the right way.

The new Colosseum restaurant is majestic- unmissable even. If you've been to their other branch at West End Towers, expect to experience a more chic, fine dining atmosphere- of course with the ambiance to boot. The new restaurant is perched on the first floor, with an airy balcony area and a warm, cozy interior. And don't get me started on the decor!

Inside, a swanky mini bar stocked with your local favorites awaits you.

With wine and food writer friend Jean Wandimi- http://thewineandfoodreview.com

The eating team ;)

I got to sample some of the signature dishes on the menu. After a refreshing glass of Italian Pinot Grigio, Colosseum's head Chef Angelo (who happened to be Italian to the core- guys!) prepared some creations that were so authentically Italian and ...delicious. For example, the starters, Salami slices were so fresh- served on a bed of crunchy veggies. The snapper was a new one for me- as i have never quite tasted one served in that way (see the suspense?)

However, the trophy goes to the Pinsa Romana- a unique creation made of soy flour, rice flour and tender wheat flour. The result? an explosion of Italian goodness in your mouth.It's basically a special type of pizza that has graduated with first class honors. Also,it's important to note that it's recipe has been carefully trademarked. So don't call it Pizza...but Pinsa Romana! An ancient recipe of perfection. It is quite easier to digest, and comes in a variety of sumptuous flavors.

Colosseum is the first restaurant in Nairobi to add this Pinsa to their menu offering and i must admit it is quite worth the try.

Another selection that stood out for me was the TIRAMISU from the dessert menu- it is heavenly! I've actually not tasted Tiramisu as good as that in a while. The pastries at Colosseum are to die for- well don't die just yet before you have a go at them. From the cheese cake to the creme brulee- you'll be spoilt for choice!

Thank you to EatOut for this awesome opportunity to sample this new restaurant. Check out their website for more information of this little Italy in Kenya! #BarsKenyaReviews