Tequila Rose Launches New Color Changing Bottle

Tequila Rose Launches New Color Changing Bottle

Tequila Rose, the best selling strawberry and tequila cream liqueur has recently enhanced its bottle to a new color changing one including a logo that turns pink when at the perfect chilled temperature for serving.

Other enhancements include; reflective shiny roses and colorful pink strawberries to reinforce the flavor element and the bottle’s visibility.

The vibrant rose on the bottle represents the modern day confident, fearless, and fun loving woman. Whether at home, out with friends after a long day at work, Tequila Rose is the perfect sweet treat to unwind over.

Tequila Rose continues to gain popularity in the market due to its sweet strawberry flavor, creaminess and fresh new look bottle. We’re already receiving a great level of interest since the re-design, and with Mother’s Day on the horizon there’s even more reason to indulge in Tequila Rose. Look forward to memorable Tequila Rose moments at some of your favorite outlets in Nairobi soon,” added Jennifer Njeri, Marketing Manager, First Drinks Kenya.

Tequila Rose is produced by US-Based McCormick Distilling and is sold internationally in over 60 markets. The brand is locally distributed in the region by First Drinks Kenya.

P/S - Special thanks to @TequilaRoseKe for sending us a special Valentine's delivery of this very delicious liqueur!