This Whisky Brand Did Something Really Cool At The Last Koroga

This Whisky Brand Did Something Really Cool At The Last Koroga

By Leila Namisango

Koroga and other festivals have become a convenient and thriving ground for brands that want to give their customers a chance to experience their products in a different way. The days when brands were just boring companies are long gone and those that manage to get and keep our attention must possess some personality.

Outside of Koroga, Singleton have organized food pairing events such as the Bites and Barrels at the Alchemist last May but lately they have been hard to miss at the music festival. It would certainly be boring if all there was to sample at the Singleton tent was the cocktails.

#TheSingletonExperience goes several steps further at Koroga to include food and art and at the latest Mi Casa Edition they introduced a virtual reality whisky tasting experience.

The experience features a two-minute VR video, which utilises storyboarding, script-writing, animation, CGI and rendering, to take viewers through an ‘into the cask’ experience. Consumers are transported to the highlands of Scotland, through the Glen Ord distillery and into the factory to experience the process of creating The Singleton.

If the East African brand representative Alex Kavita’s word is anything to go by, we should expect more and more surprises. “At Diageo we are constantly looking for ways to bring new, exciting experiences to our consumers.”

Pics courtesy of: Dennis/Redhouse PR