Swap a Cucumber for Gin? YASS PLEASE!

Swap a Cucumber for Gin? YASS PLEASE!

For a week-long celebration of World Cucumber Day from 7th – 14th June 2018, Hendrick’s Gin will recognize the true value of the cucumber by transforming the humble green fruit into exchangeable monetary units.

World Cucumber Day is an annual celebration, which sees the unusual gin maker hero the remarkable fruit by adding delightful peculiarity to everyday universal things to inspire people to cultivate and embrace their unusual side.

The gin maker has partnered with key prestigious bars across Nairobi, to facilitate these unorthodox transactions. The bars, will accept bona fide cucumbers of any species as currency – or “bar tender” – in exchange for a refreshing Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic during a dedicated ‘Cucumber Hour’ – a perfect twist on the popular ‘cocktail hour’ offering.

‘Cucumber Hour’ will run from 5pm to 8pm from the 7th June to 14th June. The participating outlets will be Karel T-Lounge, J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen Westlands and Karen, Que pasa Karen, Villa Rosa Kempinski, Muthaiga Country Club, Picazzo Restaurant, The Lord Erroll and Nyama Mama Delta.

Hendrick’s Gin has always held the cucumber in the highest regard. The spirit’s unusual distillation process includes an infusion of rose and cucumber, which yields an extraordinarily smooth gin that is a rare union of lightness and complexity.

The Gin Union will also be hosting a peculiar Hendrick’s affair on Sunday June 10th from 3pm onwards at the Tribe Hotel.

For many years now, we have been dreaming of a wondrous world where individuals can swap the green of cash for the green of a cucumber. The humble fruit should be held in high esteem as a precious commodity and in observance of World Cucumber Day, we wholeheartedly encourage trading a mighty cucumber in exchange for the most palatable of libations, a Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic. Duncan McRae, Hendrick’s Gin Global Ambassador

For more information on World Cucumber Day please visit the event page. You can share your experience through #WorldCucumberDay #AMostUnusualGinKE #CultivateTheUnusual