A Golden Experience with Chivas XV

I feel that it would be a disservice if i didn't mention how great the Chivas - 'Unleash your Gold Party' was epically organised. I have been to several awesome product launches of course, but none has stuck quite like this one.

It could be the location, or how well the ushers performed their tasks. It could also be the *endless supply of Chivas cocktails we all enjoyed throughout the evening- or the fact that Kenyan songstress June Gachui threw it down on stage like the world was ending that night. She actually sang 15 years of top hits from 1980 all the way to 2005 to celebrate the Chivas XV- PRETTY IMPRESSIVE. All in all, we were there to have a grand time and grand time we had.

The occasion? Well, it was to welcome Chivas XV, the latest addition to the Chivas Regal portfolio. This new Scotch Whisky to hit the Kenyan market is a 15 Year Old blend that is a uniquely refined fruity and velvety interpretation of the Chivas house style.

Chivas XV is a permanent addition to the Chivas Regal range, bridging a gap between Chivas Extra and Chivas 18 and tapping in to a new consumption moment. Chivas XV is presented in the same iconic bottle shape that makes Chivas whiskies recognizable around the world: a striking all-gold bottle that commands attention.

At Chivas we believe that blended is better – in life and in Scotch. Chivas XV is a whisky that successfully combines the Chivas tradition and passion for blending with a modern thirst for shared experiences. Whether you’re an aficionado or a beginner, forget what you know about whisky - Chivas XV is challenging conventions as the ultimate drink to enjoy on an evening out. Now that’s worthy of celebrating. Pernod Ricard Kenya Commercial Manager, Esther Muhoro said.

Perfect for high-energy celebrations and designed to be enjoyed in innovative new serving styles, Chivas XV encourages fans to enjoy their favourite spirit in a whole new way.