Highlights From Antolive 2.0 Concert at the Alchemist

Highlights From Antolive 2.0 Concert at the Alchemist

Live music events have become part of the Nairobi party scene and we love it. Last Saturday, March 2nd, Anto Neosoul held his AntoLive 2.0 show to a packed audience backed by his band, award winning trumpeter Owuor Arunga, and musicians Lucy Lugano and Yviona Reign.

The gig was supported by Hennessy of Hennessy’s Campaign "Never Stop. Never Settle". “The campaign focuses on pioneers who are making the creativity of Africa shine.”

“Hennessy believes in the art of blending; combining music and cognac is in the DNA of Hennessy, we are proud to be part of this concert today”. Eastern Africa Market Manager Moet Hennessy Mr. Alexandre Helaine .

There was a special Hennessy cocktails mixologist Njeri, at the pop up bar making some tasty drinks. We sampled and recommend the Hennessy and berry combo.

Spaces like The Alchemist have made extreme effort to ensure they can comfortably cater to fans and artistes- as they welcome them to perform in either free or reasonably priced gigs. Oftentimes, the premises will have events with entrance fees of about 500 Kshs.

Moreover, there are two of separate bars (Zazibar and Hunter's Bar), food trucks, shops and restaurants has dedicated some space to a decent stage, dance floor and even a back stage area.