A Wine Tasting Afternoon Treat

A Wine Tasting Afternoon Treat

A Saturday afternoon doesn’t have to be spent indoors after a morning of sleeping in and chores.

We all have friends who can’t hack the night life anymore so we thought checking out this chilled plan at Pan Asian Yao in Gigiri would help anyone who's been trying to hang out with such pals.

The Wine Not Pop In was chilled and intimate. This edition was strictly for 5 selected bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and Asian fusion food pairings. The event is organized by a wine distribution company MIA wines that’s been in the scene since 2006. The brand has a good sense of what their consumers want and need and try do pop ups that are not intimidating or overwhelming.

For just 2000 bob, there were 5 different wines to taste- Life, Ken Forrester, Robertson, Villiera and Les Fumees Blanches. Devna was the day’s sommelier gave us more insight as to how the idea to pair these wines with Asian food came about.

The whites would go well with herb profiles and sushi. But we also wanted to add an experimental element and to give people options. Such a great idea and we loved it because at the end of the day we got to have our own favorites pairings not influenced by anyone.

Honestly, this would be a great plan for a date or a group of girlfriends, even the boys for chama or a Uni or high school reunion. Look out for future events on BarsKenya social pages.