Bloggers Night of Cognac, Cocktails and Conversations.

Bloggers Night of Cognac, Cocktails and Conversations.

Each and everyone of us has a particular preference as far as cocktails are concerned. You either like them sweet, sour or strong or not so strong, lots of ice or not that much… right? The secret to ordering right is knowing or asking the ingredients, the process and procedure of making your drink. Although, it may not be necessary to have all the details, most of us are particular about what booze is in the cocktail.

Hennessy Kenya recently brought together bloggers, media personalities and influencers for a fun evening of mixology and cocktail tasting at Villa Rosa Kempinski. The mixer was attended by the brand’s global representatives who told us more on their mission to see each country have their own unique interaction with their brand.

In Kenya (Nairobi especially), Hennessy has become a popular option for party goers who frequent clubs like Fortyforty, Kiza, B-Club and Onyx where there’s reserved seating for bottle service. On this night however, the focus was on the less common Hennessy cocktails. A few spots may use the cognac to make their cocktails but there could definitely be more. One advantage of ordering branded cocktails is that you are assured about the quality of the drink.

This event highlighted the launch of luxury Hennessy Cocktails which include; Hennessy Sazerac, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Side car, Hennessy Mint Julep all made with the VS variety. Evans Otieno, who is one of the top bartenders in the country held one on one sessions demonstrating how each of them was made.

The Sazerac is made with Hennessy, an ingredient called bitters, a sweetener like syrup and some ice, the mixture is stirred and served in a chilled glass rinsed with Absinthe. Yes, Absinthe. The Mint Julep was made using freshly muddled mint, some syrup, and ice. For the Side car we used the cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice. The sidecar is shaken before serving. Hennessy Ginger is perhaps the simplest because it’s mixed to one’s specific liking and served with ice.

As cocktails and conversations flowed, it was interesting to note that most people were happy to have the cocktails after choosing what suit their palates. Only one or two glasses could be spotted with Hennessy either neat or on the rocks.

The lesson here is not to give up on having your whiskies or cognacs in a cocktail but rather to try it in different styles and perhaps you may find something you enjoy.

You can watch vlogger's Mwende Ngao's highlights of the day HERE.