Intimate Performances By Karun, Steph Kapela and Ochungulo Family at Code Henny

Intimate Performances By Karun, Steph Kapela and Ochungulo Family at Code Henny

2019 has been a good year for the Kenyan music scene. The #PlayKEMusic conversations and debates are being heard and everyone from brands, event organizers and DJs are acting right. Last weekend, BarsKenya got an exclusive invite to attend the third Code Henny event at Lava Latte on State House Road. The Hennessy takeover of the space was cute although this was our first time at the now popular events space.

Hennessy Bar

The Code Henny event is about experiencing music and talent in a different way. And we got to do just this. Many people may go out clubbing and enjoy sets played by Djs or attend any one of the now frequent music concerts. On the other hand, Saturday night was a balanced and laid back mixture of both these elements. The gathering was also more intimate and so was the interaction with the musicians on stage.

Lava Latte on 209 State House Road were the perfect hosts

Karun was first to go on stage all gracious and chilled with a small crowd in front of the stage. She introduced another upcoming act (Xenia) she's been working with who was super talented. Steph Capella came on next and delivered a more energetic performance. Lastly, current newskul faves Ochungulo' Family close off the night in with a light and fun session with the audience.

Karun at Code Henny


Steph Kapela

Ochungulo Family

In between they all share their musical journeys with us. DJ Killswitch also played amazing Kenyan music all through the night.

The MC and curator was Buddha Blaze.

The event was attended by other Kenyan creatives and influencers across other spheres such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and digital media.