​What You Need to Know About Jack Daniel’s Bartenders Mentorship Program

​What You Need to Know About Jack Daniel’s Bartenders Mentorship Program

Jack Daniel’s are on a mission to make Kenyan bartenders up their games even further with their Bartender’s Mentorship Program named Tennessee Campus.The program is a great opportunity for bartenders and will offer both educational and entrepreneurial approach to the profession.

David Mwangi Mutunga, Jack Daniel’s East Africa Brand Ambassador will be sharing the Jack Daniel’s process, quality, and craft with the bartending community. He will be sharing tips with the local bartenders on how to best utilize Jack Daniel’s products behind the bar.

Renowned bartending advisor Nidal Ramini, who serves as the Head of Advocacy for Jack Daniel’s brands in Europe and Africa. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Nidal has gone from working behind the bar to owning several bars in the United Kingdom and will share his personal insights and knowledge directly. He will be giving local bartenders the chance to define their own path through mentorship, just like Jack did all those years ago.

Through the duration of Tennessee Campus, Kenyan bartenders will receive:

  • Career and business training.
  • Platform to connect with industry experts and peers.
  • Mentorship from Jack Daniel’s Head of Advocacy, Nidal Ramini.
  • Introduction to Jack Daniel’s by David Mwangi, Jack Daniel’s Brand Ambassador
  • Opportunity to master their craft and unique style through mixology.

The Jack Daniel’s team will be recruiting local bartenders from 01 February to March. Follow the Jack Daniel’s official social media platforms for more updates and a chance to get registered for the Tennessee Campus event.

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